Meet Penny

Challenger of the Norm

Motivator of the Disengaged

Penny Dunning will help you achieve your goals by working with you to create plans that detail that lead to success as you define it.  Maybe you want to move up the career ladder or return to school  Maybe you want to begin painting or writing again.  She will be your guide, cheerleader, butt-kicker, and critique.  With Penny as your life coach you will be able to map out a detailed path to the future you design.    Penny works with a wide variety of clients including business professionals, writers, and women who are kick-starting their life after 40. 
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The Laundry List                                          

5 Day Intensive Coaching ($850) Designed for the individual who need intensive assistance in a short time.   Includes five 30-minute calls or video conferences Three personalized growth exercises Complete Character Strengths Report package  1-Month Coach On-Demand ($2,000) For the focused individual who will benefit from a coach for a specific challenge. Ideal for a starting or finishing a project. Includes 2 weekly 30-minute calls or video conferences Personalized project exercises Assistance with development of a project plan, detailed activities, and timeline Complete Character Strengths Report package  3-Month Coach On-Demand ($5,000) Designed for the individual who is self-directed, but needs occasional prompting to stay on target.   Includes a weekly 45-minute call or video conferencing Personalized growth exercises Unlimited email with 24-hour response Personal action plan Complete Character Strengths Report package 

Know and Celebrate the Real You

Learn what qualities come naturally to you to improve your life and begin thriving. Knowing your character strengths isn’t just interesting information. When skillfully applied, character strengths can actually have a significant positive impact on your life. Click above to take the free assessment.
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